In It Together

A community sourced archive,
documenting COVID-19’s impact
on dentistry

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Many in the dental community have been affected by COVID-19 and want to share their stories.

As a result, the ADA is launching the JADA+ COVID-19 Monograph—a digital collection of stories, reflections, and accounts from any perspective, in any format, including articles, essays, podcasts, videos, graphics, and photos—that is open to all contributors. Submit your COVID-19 story here.

Stories by Region

Sponsored: Minneapolis dentist shares COVID-19 experience and the impact of technology

In this audiocast, Dr. Mohamad M. Ali, a general dentist at Lakeshore Dental in Minneapolis spoke with Karen M. Scott,...

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Arctic Dental Presents – Dr. Jarod Johnson

Professor ? had a few questions for Dr. Jarod about going to the dentist. We're wearing a lot more Personal Protective...

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One Year into the Global Pandemic as a Result of COVID-19, We Are Still Standing – Dr. Vanchit John

One year after we went into our lockdown mode we continue to adjust and adapt to our clinical reality of increased use...

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Confronting Dentistry’s Latest Challenge – Dr. Michael Maihofer

Dentistry is a science-based profession. Many of us took courses in microbiology and immunology in our undergrad...

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Patience While No Patients – Dr. Veronica Cooper

This is a project started during state mandated emergency shutdown. I call it "Patience While No Patients". It's a...

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A COVID Testing Experience – Dr. Jennifer Hasslen

If you would have told me a year ago that I would be placing a swab 3-4 inches into someone’s nasal passage to reach...

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20/20: A painting by Dr. James Stewart

The painting exists as a spontaneous, personal reaction to the mystery of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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2020 Staff Letter – Dr. Sharon K. Kennedy Hosea

After many attempts to organize our annual holiday office party, and finally accepting the fact that it must be...

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We Will Be Our Best If We Go Together – Dr. Hal Jeter

We have now added COVID-19 to the list of acronyms that denote benchmarks in our history. These are times that will be...

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The 2020 Quarantine – Dr. Thomas J. Donahue

The 2020 quarantine.It’s positively byzantine.Cooped up just like a submarineand doing things quite unforeseen.The...

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During this unprecedented time... – Dr. Blake Bybee, DDS

During this unprecedented time and like many other dental professionals, I found time to reflect, ponder and express...

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