The ADA platform is built around your needs as a marketer.

No one reaches a larger audience or is able to target specific demographics like the ADA.


Why the ADA?

Projected Average Page Exposures, Projected Average Issue Readers

ADA News ranks No. 1 in monthly print page views. JADA at No. 2! Ensure your messaging is seen by the largest number of dentists possible every month!

*Kantar Media 2019, ADA News vs. 5 Dental Periodicals not published by the ADA, excluding publications of less than 100,000 circulation

Enhanced Digital Targeting

The ADA has been collecting additional engagement data (such as email engagement, website pageviews, ADA Store purchases, CE activity, and more) that is now available for pinpoint segmentation of your target audience via our Vendor Showcase and Lead Generation products. See a sample below of the types of enhanced targeting we've used for recent campaigns.


Learn how to reach your optimal audience

The ADA and S&S Media can help you discover your optimal target audience, plan your most effective marketing campaigns, and deliver top quality awareness and engagement among dentists.

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Weaponize your marketing with the most trusted platform in dental

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ADA News

ADA News ranks No. 1 in readership and ad exposure, reaching the full spectrum of dental decision-makers, and delivering maximum readership for maximum impact. No other dental publication comes close to this amazingly high level of readership. Advertising in ADA News does more than generate leads—it puts your product or service directly in front of over 158,045* (average qualified) dental professionals, the highest qualified circulation compared to any other dental publication.



Published monthly, this premier journal in dentistry contains peer-reviewed editorial on the latest developments in practice and research. No other journal commands the same respect as JADA—it is the “must-read” publication for the practicing dentist, the dental researcher, and the dental educator. Yearly independent readership studies consistently rank JADA as the nation's best-read clinical/scientific journal!

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Vendor Showcase

80,000 dentists have opted into receiving industry sponsored emails, which means your message carries the credibility the ADA has earned in the dental community. This program has an average open rate of 15.4% with a click-thru rate of 5.5%. The ADA uses sophisticated analytics tools that allow you to track & monitor your message.

Send us your own finished HTML email or save significantly on your internal design resources by using one of our proven templates.


Vendor Showcase Prime

Take your Vendor Showcase campaign a step further with follow-up messaging, inclusion in an "In Case You Missed It" email, and a Facebook retargeting campaign that, on average, increases campaign clicks by 73% and exposure by 812%.


  • Vendor Showcase Prime templated eblast
  • Facebook retargeting ad campaign
  • ICYMI multi-sponsor email
  • Follow-up email to clicks
The Morning Huddle

ADA Morning Huddle

This is a daily e-Bulletin delivered Monday-Friday to just under 80,000 dentists. It is a mix of information from mainstream media, dental publications, and the ADA, boasting a 36% gross action rate. There are five advertisers per month who all receive an equal share of voice. This program includes approximately 20 drops per month.

Also available are ADA Morning Huddle Future Dentist, Finance & Operations, and Weekend Editions.


The ADA owns the most visited website for dental professionals, averaging 650,000 unique visitors per month. The average visit lasts almost 6.5 minutes. Pricing for the ADA website is an impression based model and ranges from $25/M to $85/M based on ad size and placement on the site.


Lead Generation and Custom Content

Work with the ADA to create a unique piece of content (like an e-book) that will engage your target audience and lead them through a lead generation campaign — driving your ideal customer down the funnel.

The ADA will interview dentists and other experts on your product to create the content, create an entire marketing campaign that includes various emails, banner ads, social media advertising, landing pages, and automation, and deliver you the contact information of your engaged dentists in the most optimal way for your team.


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Dental Practice Success

This quarterly e-pub is delivered to 104,000 ADA member dentists who have opted in to learn more about both practice and personal success. It focuses on both practice and personal success for the dentist. The content is derived from the trending topics on the ADA’s microsite - Center for Professional Success. The ADA pulls these hot topics, based on traffic, and then ask a KOL in that area to provide content for the e-pub. With strong open rates, you can be confident that your message is reaching a wide audience.

We now have the ability to create custom DPS newsletters that feature content related to your products and services exclusively. Imagine having multiple editorials and ads designed to showcase your offering and generate new customers and qualified leads! Inventory is limited.