As the leader in integrated digital and print media, ADA publishing leverages its news, clinical and business media brands to educate, inform and support dentists in their clinical and professional development.


Your Dental Marketing Plan Begins Here

With more than 180,000 dentists in its network, ADA publishing has a variety of traditional and customized solutions to help your company actively engage with dentists in the United States. Whether your firm is making a dental industry debut, strategically launching a new product or planning a multi-platform marketing campaign with lead generation tactics to capture mindshare and marketshare, ADA has the top media brands, strongest reach and array of customized solutions to deliver results.



From in-depth news coverage, the most relevant clinical updates to counseling dentists on business, marketing and career success, we cover all aspects of a dentist's professional experience. Coupled with a rich suite of digital, print, daily e-newsletters, multimedia, events, lead generation and other custom publishing solutions, our media platforms weaponize your marketing strategy. Take a closer look at our brands, and let's chart your marketing path, together.


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ADA News

ADA News is the No. 1 media brand in the dental industry when measured by combined publication and website reach, readership and ad exposure. The digital and print brand offers comprehensive and timely coverage of news events, market trends and economic developments to a robust network of 180,398 (total qualified) dentists.

The online media brand netted 4.2 million page views for the first nine months in 2020. In March, website traffic to ADA News surged to 1.4 million page views as the market grappled with business closures from the COVID-19 pandemic and as dentists turned to the most comprehensive and credible source of news to help them navigate the business and health impacts from the pandemic.

This brand reaches the full spectrum of dental decision-makers and delivers maximum readership that will generate an even bigger impact.


Morning Huddle

The ADA family of Huddle publications members a daily connection to the latest news and trends affecting dentists and the dental profession. The ADA Morning Huddle, distributed every weekday, features concise summaries of stories in leading consumer and dental publications give ADA members them a quick, comprehensive overview of the issues that shape developments in clinical practice, education and continuing education, advocacy, practice management, career and personal development, work-life balance and more. ADA Morning Huddle includes three editions: the member edition, the dental student edition and the office staff edition.


On Saturday, the Weekend Edition (there is a member version and a student version) provides a wrap-up of the week’s top stories and an op-ed from a thought leader.


The Finance & Operations Huddle presents a digest of financial and practice management news and tips to help members focus on the business side of dental practice.


Dental students and dentists in practice 10 years or less also receive the New Dentist Weekly Huddle every Wednesday, featuring content to help them transition from dental school to dental practice and to thrive.



The Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA)

JADA, the most widely read clinical journal for dentists, is a highly respected, peer-reviewed media brand that influences clinical decision makers and consistently delivers practical insight to help dentists stay informed about advances in dentistry and related medical disciplines. For more than 100 years, JADA has been the leader in disseminating dental and dental science research through:

  • Up-to-date clinical practice guidelines

  • Peer-reviewed research on current and developing topics in dentistry

  • Clinical information for both general dentists and specialists

  • Reports on the relationship between dental health and overall health

  • Scientific news and views on current issues

  • Explorations of practice building and legal topics

  • Continuing education




PracticeUpdate Clinical Dentistry provides dental professionals and students with curated, cross-disciplinary research in dentistry and medicine, plus the latest news, commentary and continuing education opportunities. Users can opt in to emails covering the topic areas of their choice — including 12 health care disciplines, ten centers of excellence and two disease spotlights. PracticeUpdate Clinical Dentistry is designed to keep dental professionals current on the latest research that can affect their patients’ oral and overall health. Both new dentists and established practitioners can use this resource to enhance both patient care and clinical skills.




Dental Practice Success

Dental Practice Success offers rich insight on business strategies for career development to help dentists improve practice management, patient care and professional satisfaction. This interactive digital resource focuses on all things related to the business of dental care — from strategies and ADA resources on opening or renovating a practice, practice management, staff management and training, social media and marketing, work-life balance, personal and professional finance and more. Read the current issue at ADA.org/DPS.


The DPS brand also creates special issues, in collaboration with sponsors, on topics of interest to dentists. Past issues have focused on COVID-19 practice recovery, dental office design, marketing, regulatory compliance and more. These special issues can be produced in both digital and print formats.


New Dentist News
(& New Dentist Now)

The New Dentist News is a quarterly print supplement to the ADA News, delivered to 49,000 new dentists and dental students. It offers in-depth stories, news and insight about new dentists’ unique experiences across the practice paradigms in dentistry. Along with the New Dentist Now blog, the publications provide platforms for new dentists—those who graduated from dental school less than 10 years ago—to share their unique experiences and learn from their colleagues on topics ranging from managing debt and finances to finding employment and navigating practice transitions. Check out the latest content from New Dentist News and New Dentist Now blog.


Custom Publishing

Educate, Inform and Engage

Combined with traditional advertising, ADA Custom Publishing will help your organization develop and distribute a robust set of sponsored media tools to help educate, inform and inspire practicing dentists to improve their practice operations and oral care for patients. Use these tools individually or build a custom content campaign to help foster collaboration, extend your organization’s thought leadership position and generate leads with the most influential publications in the industry — ADA News, JADA, Dental Practice Success, Dental Product Learning Center and New Dentist News.

Your ADA Custom Publishing toolkit includes:

  • E-books: Reinforce your organization’s expertise on a subject through a comprehensive, powerful lead generation tool.

  • Webinars: Empower an interactive experience through a best-in-class platform.

  • Podcasts: Inform and educate on timely issues or advances in dentistry.

  • Print or Digital Supplements: Go in-depth on important themes/subjects for a publication.

  • Article or Series of Articles: Hosted as a native advertisement online, a sponsored article or series reinforces commitment to education and creates active calls to action.

  • Roundtable Discussions: Convene experts to explore thought-provoking subjects.

  • Whitepapers/Case Studies: Registration to help foster engagement and generate leads.

*All sponsored content must adhere to ADA’s advertiser/sponsorship standards.



Vendor Showcase

More than 75,000 dentists have opted into receiving industry sponsored emails, which means your message carries the credibility the ADA has earned in the dental community. This program has an average open rate of 15.4% with a click-thru rate of 5.5%. The ADA uses sophisticated analytics tools that allow you to track and monitor your message.

Send us your own finished HTML email or save significantly on your internal design resources by using one of our proven templates.

Vendor Showcase Prime

Take your Vendor Showcase campaign a step further with follow-up messaging, inclusion in an "In Case You Missed It" email, and a Facebook retargeting campaign that, on average, increases campaign clicks by 73% and exposure by 812%.


  • Vendor Showcase Prime templated eblast

  • Facebook retargeting ad campaign

  • ICYMI multi-sponsor email

  • Follow-up email to clicks

Enhanced Digital Targeting

Pinpoint segmentation is available for your target audience via Vendor Showcase and a comprehensive suite of lead generation products. See a sample below of the types of enhanced targeting we've used for recent campaigns.




ADA.org is the most-visited website for dental professionals, averaging 1 million to 1.5 million page views per month, and serves as the gateway to scientific/clinical resources, business/practice management insight, advocacy efforts, public programs, education/career information, the ADA Member Center, and the association's extensive portfolio of publications.



Marketing success starts with leveraging the right tools, audience and platforms to maximize your messages, awareness and leadership position in the dental industry. It is why ADA Publishing has created a portfolio of leading media, multimedia and engagement tools at varying price points that can help drive success at every stage of a company’s development – from start-ups to global brand leaders.


MK_dooricon-011. Make a Debut

When you enter the market for the first time, brand awareness and lead generation are two extremely important considerations and serve critical marketing functions.

What products consistently deliver value and results? Consider that ADA’s Vendor Showcase delivers your promotional message to more than 75,000 dentists who have opted in to receive alerts, and it is priced at just .18-.34 cents per address.

Vendor Showcase cultivates awareness fast.
With ADA Publishing’s Vendor Showcase Prime program, you can also increase success through Facebook retargeting, "In Case You Missed It" multi-sponsored emails and follow-up email when a dentist engages with your content. Lead generation tactics are a bridge to marketing success. ADA Custom Publishing can work with you to publish or build content to meet the goals of your campaign.





MK_rocketicon-012. Launch a new dental product or technology

When your company is launching a new product to market, our members want to know about the development and new technology. Create industry buzz by leveraging a best-in-class webinar platform, build a lead generation campaign and advertise in nationally recognized digital and print publications. This trifecta helps your company demonstrate its industry leadership, awareness about brands or issues, offer instruction/education, qualify leads through marketing automation and monitor key analytics to track progress.


Coupled with traditional digital and print advertising, consider these ADA sponsorship opportunities to drive engagement, awareness and results:

  • E-books

  • Webinars or Interactive Video Demonstrations

  • White Papers

  • Case Studies

  • Research Reports

  • Product News


MK_mindicon-013. Capture mindshare and marketshare with a campaign

If your company’s marketing goals are to advance its thought leadership position and drive engagement through a sustained and comprehensive marketing campaign, our sales and content teams can work with you to build a unique custom marketing program that leverages ADA’s publishing brands, multimedia platforms and event capabilities.


We can help you dream and deliver a viable, holistic, highly effective campaign that combines traditional advertising, dentist participation, lead generation, multimedia and custom surveys.






ADA media brands consistently deliver relevant insight to the most robust network of dentists in the United States. ADA News and JADA rank as the top publications in the industry (by a wide margin) as independently evaluated by key opinion leaders, average issue readers, reach and page exposures.

Take a targeted approach to media to drive your campaign's exposure and engagement in new ways.



Focus on ADA News

Every day, the ADA News team delivers online, in social media channels or in its print publication. As the need and consumption of news continues to grow, the news team is accelerating its online coverage and moving the frequency of its print publication to 12 times a year. Dentists tell us they want ADA News in print and digital formats, and we are committed to providing dentists the most timely, accurate information in multiple formats to help readers stay current on fast-changing industry developments.

Focus on JADA

JADA delivers insight and relevant peer-reviewed research on current and developing clinical topics in dentistry. For more than 100 years, JADA has been the leader in disseminating dental and dental science research. High-quality readership starts with a strong distribution network.


Measuring engagement with all digital content is cornerstone to success management. ADA Publishing believes that understanding and meeting the needs of dentists will drive content and marketing success. Our previous campaigns have delivered strong engagement in our digital platforms.

What can you expect?

In 2020, ADA Publishing hosted a number of lead generation campaigns for dental companies that routinely delivered 700 leads per campaign. One successful marketing effort resulted in 2,400 opt-in leads.

Our Metrics

Our previous campaigns have delivered strong engagement in our digital platforms based on multiple criteria. Some of the metrics we actively monitor and share about your campaigns, include:

  • Sent

  • Open Rate

  • Click Rate

  • Delivery Rate

  • Bounce Rate

  • Unsubscribe Rate

  • Performance by Device Type (Opens, Clicks)


  • Performance Over Time

  • Tracking links from various ADA native posts

  • Search

  • Email Performance

  • Leads

  • Facebook retargeting results


Turning Unengaged Contacts into Leads
With a High-Profile Campaign

“We already had collected a high number of leads throughout the campaign, and were looking into a program that would help us reach dentists who had not signed up to receive a sample through one of our other channels yet. We were able to turn many previously unengaged contacts into leads, which we then converted into samplers and customers through our follow-up activities. I would definitely consider deploying a similar program again.”

-Senior Marketing Manager


Outperforming in Many Ways

“We just launched a new piece of content with ADA and it has exceeded all of my expectations. First, the team was incredibly engaged when developing the content and deciding on a direction. When I saw the first draft, I didn’t have a single edit! The writing was superb. That has never happened to me in my entire career. Furthermore, this ebook has outperformed any that I have launched before and new leads are delivered weekly. I could not be more pleased.”

-Senior Product Marketing Manager


Vendor Showcase

"The ADA Vendor Showcase was the single most effective marketing tool. Within days after an email blast, our order books were full, and we were busy keeping up with demand. Working with Allen and his team was simple and professional, and his advice was priceless!”

-Director, R&D


ADA News Delivered Strong Rate of Return

“ADA News provides a versatile advertising platform that demonstrates strength in readership through trusted dental industry news. The ADA publishes the industry's leading publications and also offers best-in-class digital opportunities. Since 2017, (our company) has delivered an annual average rate of return of 250% since investing in the various ADA News opportunities.”

-Director of Marketing & Commercial Integration


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