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Your Dental Marketing Plan Begins Here

With nearly 170,000 dentists in its network, ADA publishing has a variety of traditional and customized solutions to help your company actively engage with dentists in the United States. Whether your firm is making a dental industry debut, strategically launching a new product or planning a multi-platform marketing campaign with lead generation tactics to capture mindshare and marketshare, ADA has the top media brands, strongest reach and array of customized solutions to deliver results.

Explore Our Brands

From in-depth news coverage, the most relevant clinical updates to counseling dentists on business, marketing and career success, we cover all aspects of a dentist's professional experience. Coupled with a rich suite of digital, print, daily e-newsletters, multimedia, events, lead generation and other custom publishing solutions, our media platforms weaponize your marketing strategy. Take a closer look at our brands, and let's chart your marketing path, together.



ADA News

ADA News is the No. 1 media brand in the dental industry when measured by combined publication and website reach, readership and ad exposure. The digital and print brand offers comprehensive and timely coverage of news events, market trends and economic developments to a robust network of 169,875 total qualified dentists. (BPA Worldwide, June 2022) delivers about 1.4 million page views a month, and ADA News ranks as the most frequently visited media website for dentists. (Kantar, 2022)

This brand reaches the full spectrum of dental decision-makers and delivers maximum readership that will generate an even bigger impact. The print version is published 12 times per year, and stories are posted online daily. ADA News also offers periodic interactive digital features as a supplement and companion to the print product.


New Dentist News
(& New Dentist Now)

The New Dentist News is a quarterly print supplement to the ADA News, delivered to 49,000 new dentists and dental students. It offers in-depth stories, news and insight about new dentists’ unique experiences across the practice paradigms in dentistry. Along with the New Dentist Now blog, the publications provide platforms for new dentists—those who graduated from dental school less than 10 years ago—to share their unique experiences and learn from their colleagues on topics ranging from managing debt and finances to finding employment and navigating practice transitions. Check out the latest content from New Dentist News and the New Dentist Blog.

Morning Huddle

The ADA family of Huddle publications members a daily connection to the latest news and trends affecting dentists and the dental profession. The ADA Morning Huddle, distributed every weekday, features concise summaries of stories in leading consumer and dental publications that give ADA members a quick, comprehensive overview of the issues that shape developments in clinical practice, education and continuing education, advocacy, practice management, career and personal development, work-life balance and more. ADA Morning Huddle includes three editions: the member edition, the dental student edition and the office staff edition.

On Saturday, the Weekend Edition (there is a member version and a student version) provides a wrap-up of the week’s top stories and an op-ed from a thought leader.

The Finance & Operations Huddle presents a digest of financial and practice management news and tips to help members focus on the business side of dental practice.

Dental students and dentists in practice 10 years or less also receive the New Dentist Weekly Huddle every Wednesday, featuring content to help them transition from dental school to dental practice and to thrive.

The Journal of the American Dental Association (JADA)

JADA, the most widely read clinical journal for dentists, is a highly respected, peer-reviewed media brand that influences clinical decision makers and consistently delivers practical insight to help dentists stay informed about advances in dentistry and related medical disciplines. For more than 100 years, JADA has been the leader in disseminating dental and dental science research through:

  • Up-to-date clinical practice guidelines

  • Peer-reviewed research on current and developing topics in dentistry

  • Clinical information for both general dentists and specialists

  • Reports on the relationship between dental health and overall health

  • Scientific news and views on current issues

  • Explorations of practice building and legal topics

  • Continuing education

Dental Practice Success

Dental Practice Success offers rich insight on business strategies for career development to help dentists improve practice management, patient care and professional satisfaction. This interactive digital resource focuses on all things related to the business of dental care — from strategies and ADA resources on opening or renovating a practice, practice management, staff management and training, social media and marketing, work-life balance, personal and professional finance and more. Learn more at

The DPS brand also creates special issues, in collaboration with sponsors, on topics of interest to dentists. Future coverage will focus on dental office design, integration of technology, regulatory compliance and more. Special issues can be produced in both digital and print formats.


JADA Foundational Science

An interdisciplinary, open-access publication
Because oral-health research knows no boundaries

JADA Foundational Science, ADA’s new interdisciplinary, open access journal, bridges basic and clinical sciences in oral-health research. Led by Editor-in-Chief Jack L. Ferracane, PhD, JADA Foundational Science will publish research reports, review articles and short scientific communications in biology, chemistry, engineering, and technology that point to new theories of disease, new approaches to diagnosis and treatment, and will report on the technical breakthroughs underpinning the new clinical tools that advance oral and craniofacial health.
  • Full-length original manuscripts
  • Invited timely reviews
  • Short communications

Stay updated on the latest science news from the ADA

From practice to public impact, scientific advancements are moving oral and craniofacial health forward in new and innovative ways. Stay on the forefront of emerging research by joining our email list. You’ll hear directly from leaders in the field and receive updates on emerging research from the ADA Science & and Research Institute, JADA Foundational Science, The Journal of the American Dental Association and more.


Practice Update

PracticeUpdate Clinical Dentistry provides dental professionals and students with curated, cross-disciplinary research in dentistry and medicine, plus the latest news, commentary and continuing education opportunities. Users can opt in to emails covering the topic areas of their choice — including 12 health care disciplines, ten centers of excellence and two disease spotlights. PracticeUpdate Clinical Dentistry is designed to keep dental professionals current on the latest research that can affect their patients’ oral and overall health. Both new dentists and established practitioners can use this resource to enhance both patient care and clinical skills. PracticeUpdate publishes e-newsletters including: Daily Digest, Expert Insight, Conference Coverage and CME.



Vendor Showcase:
the best just got better

Three powerful ways to take your message from insight to action

The combination of advertising, re-engagement strategies, advanced retargeting combined with a powerhouse lead generation custom content program are all hallmarks of the improved ADA Vendor Showcase program. In 2023, you will have three ADA Vendor Showcase tiers to engage more than 100,000 dentists and dental professionals who have opted to receive industry sponsored emails. Your message carries the credibility the ADA has earned in the dental community and offers a suite of digitally empowered tools and analytics that allow you to track and monitor your messages and progress.

Here are the tiers and features:

Vendor Showcase Prime

  • Advertising email messages strategically deployed to 10,000 to 100,000 dental professionals, or 10,000 to 50,000 Hygienists

  • Utilize the email advertising platform for high-impact adjacency with the ADA Vendor Showcase brand (not available for Hygienists sends)

  • Segment your messages to the right audience

  • Send us a finalized HTML email or save significantly on your internal design resources by using our templates

Vendor Showcase Engage

Add all the features and benefits of Vendor Showcase Prime and extend the campaign’s reach and impact:

  • Three-Step Engagement Plan:

    1. Initial deployment

    2. Reinforced messaging through multiple touchpoints

    3. Facebook retargeting and/or retargeting options on microsites or non-endemic websites in the ADA Publishing portfolio

Vendor Showcase Lead

This tier unites the benefits of Vendor Showcase Engage with high-impact custom content solutions to deliver qualified leads and insights about a variety of business and clinical topics. Supply the content (pending ADA approval) or work with the ADA Custom Content team to create a campaign that meets your strategic marketing goals.

  • Deployed to more than 50,000 dentists and dental professionals

  • Actionable content connected to all of the retargeting email multipliers described in Vendor Showcase Engage

  • Extend your company’s leadership position by informing and educating dentists through e-books, webinars, white papers or custom-developed surveys

  • Guarantee of at least two dedicated emails to drive results

  • Native content tiles on landing pages

  • Native content placements in ADA Morning Huddle e-newsletters


More Custom Publishing Solutions

Use these tools as previously described or build a custom content campaign that aligns with the most influential publications in the industry (print or digital options) — ADA News, JADA, Dental Practice Success and New Dentist News.

Your ADA Custom Publishing toolkit includes:

  • Microsites/resource centers aligned with the Dental Practice Success Product Learning Center to feature educational, informative content to help dentists discover and explore topics in product categories.

  • E-books: Reinforce your organization’s expertise on a subject through a comprehensive, powerful lead generation tool.

  • Webinars: Empower an interactive experience through a best-in-class platform.

  • Podcasts: Inform and educate on timely issues or advances in dentistry.

  • Print or Digital Supplements: Go in-depth on important themes/subjects for a publication.

  • Article or Series of Articles: Hosted as a native advertisement online, a sponsored article or series reinforces commitment to education and creates active calls to action.

  • Roundtable Discussions: Convene experts to explore thought-provoking subjects.

  • Whitepapers/Case Studies: Registration to help foster engagement and generate leads.

*All sponsored content must adhere to ADA’s advertiser/sponsorship standards.


Advertise on is the most-visited website for dental professionals, averaging 1 million to 1.5 million page views per month, and serves as the gateway to scientific/clinical resources, business/practice management insight, advocacy efforts, public programs, education/career information, the ADA Member Center, and the association's extensive portfolio of publications. Run-of-site CPM: $75.


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