Arginine and the Healthy Oral Microbiome

Proceedings from a Colgate Symposium:
Arginine–A Breakthrough Technology Fighting the Caries Epidemic

Introduction: Arginine, A Breakthrough Technology Fighting the Caries Epidemic

I am delighted to write the editorial introduction to this special outsert of JADA+ composed of a series of papers that explores and describes the use of arginine as a new active in the fight against dental caries. Each of these papers is based on presentations by the authors at a July 22, 2021 Colgate Symposium at the International Association of Dental Research (IADR) meeting. This summary provides the briefest overview of the manuscripts presented in this collection, which I would encourage you to read in detail. The collected scientific knowledge and expertise that the authors bring to this special monograph make the collection an important resource for students, faculty, and experienced practitioners alike.



Featured Articles

Caries–An Ongoing Public Health Crisis

Catherine Lee, DMD; Mark S. Wolff, DDS, PhD

Dental caries continues to be a globally widespread disease and an ongoing public health crisis, creating a significant financial and social burden...

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Anti-Caries Mechanisms of Action of Arginine

Robert A. Burne, PhD

As scientists unravel the intricacies of the oral microbial ecology, new ways in which arginine can influence biofilm ecology and health likely will...

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The Role and Impact of Arginine on Dental Caries Therapeutics

Jing Tian, DDS; Tingxi Wu, DDS, PhD; Xuesong He, DDS, PhD; Wenyuan Shi, PhD

Increasing scientific evidence has indicated that delivering exogenous arginine is a promising approach to prevent caries and even reverse the...

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Caries Overview 2021: Epidemiology, Etiology, and Evidence-Into-Action Considerations

Nigel Pitts, BDS, PhD, FRSE

Improved understanding of the dental caries process and how to manage risk have led to the development of practical “4D” tools to help prevent and...

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Clinical Perspective: Arginine as an Anticaries Agent

Maria Emanuel Ryan, DDS, PhD

This article explores why the complementary mechanisms of action of fluoride and arginine have been shown to be a winning combination as an...

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Arginine and the Healthy Oral Microbiome

View all the articles in this monograph in an easy-to-access pdf format. This outsert was published and distributed with the July issue of JADA.

Video Presentations from IADR 2021

Video: Caries Overview 2021: Epidemiology, Aetiology and Evidence-into-Action Considerations

Presenter: Dr. Nigel Pitts

Early detection of caries is now seen as a vital component of caries assessments in both public health and clinical practice. The evolution of...

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Video: The Role and Impact of Arginine on Therapeutics for Caries

Presenter: Dr. Wenyaun Shi

The caries-preventive effect of arginine can be attributed to its ability to improve plaque pH stability, inhibit virulence factors of cariogenic...

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Video: Caries–An Ongoing Oral Healthcare Crisis, its Global Impact, Causation, Prevention/Arrest/Treatments

Presenter: Dr. Mark S. Wolff

As researchers learn more about the dental biofilm and its characteristics, dentistry is able to develop new methods to disrupt the biofilm, prevent...

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Video: Clinical Perspective–Arginine as an Anticaries Agent

Presenter: Dr. Maria Ryan

Fluoride and a new active arginine offer the practitioner and consumers multiple options, including fluoride alone, arginine alone, or the...

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Video: Arginine and the Oral Microbiome

Presenter: Dr. Robert Burne

Dental caries is well established as an ecologically driven disease. Given the combination of the clinical successes with arginine to date, the...

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