You Can Print Clear Aligner Models Without Becoming a Design Expert

Learn how orthodontist Dr. Tarek Abousheta easily prepares and 3D prints models in his office

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TUESDAY 2.16.2021 | 7PM EST

Continuing education credits are not available for this webinar.

This webinar is presented for informational purposes only and is not offered as or intended to be formal educational training in the specialty of orthodontics.

About The Webinar


Making intraoral scans suitable for in-office 3D printing can seem like a challenging task at first. Thanks to software like EasyRx, a 3D software platform for practices and labs, you can easily clean your intraoral scans and get started with a digital workflow in-office.

In this webinar, learn how Dr. Tarek Abousheta, board certified orthodontist from Irvine, Calif., uses EasyRx software and a Formlabs 3B dental printer to easily prepare and 3D print models in his office.

What you'll learn:
  • How easy and intuitive it is to set up and use a dental 3D printer in your orthodontic practice.
  • About Dr. Abousheta’s full workflow: from capturing, to scan, to preparing a print-ready 3D model.
  • How to improve your prescription and in-house lab workflow with EasyRx.
  • How orthodontists can easily track lab, clear aligner, and digital prescriptions.

The Speakers

Dr. Tarek Abousheta
Dr. Tarek Abousheta
Owner of Irvine Orthodontics,
Board Certified Orthodontist
Todd Blankenbecler
Todd Blankenbecler
Phil Carlino
Phil Carlino
Head of Dental Sales,

More About The Speakers


Dr. Tarek Abousheta
Owner of Irvine Orthodontics, Board Certified Orthodontist

Dr. Abousheta holds a Masters of Science Degree in Dentistry and Certificate in Orthodontics from the University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in San Francisco​. He also was part of the Craniofacial Molecular Genetics and Stem Cell Research Fellowship Program. When he’s not working with patients, you can find him training for triathlons, exploring new running trails, and cooking.

Todd Blankenbecler
CEO, EasyRx

Todd has been in dental and dental specialty software for almost 30 years. He was a principal in Dolphin Imaging and Management Solutions, prior to EasyRx. He and his partner Dr. Marc Lemchen acquired EasyRx in 2015.

Phil Carlino
Head of Dental Sales, Formlabs

Phil has been in the dental industry for 19 years and currently leads the dental sales team at Formlabs. He held previous roles of Sales Manger at Kulzer Dental, Strategic Account Manager at Align Technology, and Strategic Account Manager at Dentsply. He obtained his MBA from Northeastern University.


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