How robotics can assist in dental surgery, full-arch restorations

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About The Webinar

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Have you ever wondered how robotics can assist in dental restorations? In this instructional webinar, Satish Palayam, D.D.S., of New Bedford, MA guides you through a full-arch restoration using robotics. In addition to his private practice, Dr. Palayam often teaches dentists on how to implement cutting edge technologies into their practices to improve dental care and outcomes, and ultimately grow their practices.

What You Will Learn

  • How technology can offer clinicians better control and more predictability with restorations.
  • Offer dentists an overview of robotics and its applications in dentistry (especially full-arch restorations)
  • Key considerations related to case selection, surgical planning, printing, placement of implants in an efficient manner.
  • Understanding how robotics has evolved into a surgical and restorative platform


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Sathish Palayam, D.D.S.

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