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Dentistry + AI

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Improve Clinical Success


What's Inside?

In this informative e-book, a panel of Glidewell experts discuss the many ways artificial intelligence (AI) will assist dentists and improve dental care. For example, having a database with millions of sets of individual crowns offers the ability to collect precise geometric data, which will ultimately improve precision of fabrications and milling to help dentists save time and money. “I never imagined the extent that we would become involved with AI at Glidewell. As we started testing with deep learning, generative AI, and computer visioning data, we got to the point where our software could generate crown proposals with a 98% acceptance rate,” explains Mike Selberis, chief technology officer of Glidewell. The other panelists include Sergei Azernikov, Ph.D., vice president of CAD/CAM development, and Ben Vu, director of machine learning and data analytics.

In this free e-book, you will learn:

  • The impact and application of AI for Glidewell
  • The future opportunity of AI to assist dentists
  • Making a case for precision, efficiency, and cost savings
  • The role of AI in digital dentistry
  • Misconceptions/myths about the technology
  • Real-time insight for the most optimal prep

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Glidewell is among the world’s largest producers of custom restorative services, and recognized as an industry-leading materials and devices manufacturer. Established in 1970 by Jim Glidewell, CDT, Glidewell continues to build on its storied history of technological innovation and continuing education, committed to making comprehensive treatment more accessible to patients around the globe.