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How to Restore Dental Operations Safely and Effectively

A free white paper by Rectangle Health analyzing payment processes as businesses reopen from COVID-19 closures


What's Inside?

Business operations need to change as dental practices begin to reopen for elective procedures following the COVID-19 pandemic. Modernizing payment practices has become an operational imperative as dental practices reopen following business closures from COVID-19. This free, in-depth white paper, sponsored by Rectangle Health, outlines tactics and advice to help dental practices improve the patient experience and offer contactless business solutions for improved safety and business efficiency.

This free white paper addresses:

  • Valuable lessons about introducing technology to create operational efficiencies and effective payment processing
  • Tactics to integrate contactless payment methods into practice
  • Key insights about the patient-payment dynamic and how to eliminate redundancies in manual functions
  • Re-envisioning the waiting room experience
  • Managing accounts receivable and streamlining your practice's revenue lifecycle

Provided by:

Rectangle Health

Rectangle Health

Rectangle Health is one of the leading healthcare payment and premium processing companies. With a focus on payment challenges and opportunities in the industry, we work with 60,000+ healthcare providers in the U.S., reliably processing over $6 billion annually in patient payments.