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How to Plan an Implant Case in 10 Minutes

Using CBCT technology and virtual planning software takes the guesswork out of the procedure and reduces postoperative trauma.
How to Plan an Implant Case in 10 Minutes

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What's Inside?

Many trends are influencing the growing popularity of dental implants. Patients are living longer and
often are dealing with tooth loss, they are becoming more interested in maintaining esthetics and
function, and the procedure is increasingly predictable and affordable. CBCT technology may be the best
way to evaluate implant sites and reduce the chances of implant failure. Using CBCT along with virtual
surgery treatment-planning software makes the process more precise, accurate, predictable, and
reproducible for oral surgeons as well as general dentists.

CBCT has become an essential tool for:

  • Assessing bone availability and quality
  • Locating anatomic structures
  • Determining implant type, size, angulation, and location

This ebook details the use of the CS 9600 CBCT system from Carestream Dental with insights on digital
implant dentistry from an oral surgeon’s perspective.

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