Artificial Intelligence
for Next-Level Patient Care

Free webinar presented by Henry Schein One


About The Webinar


This practical webinar will offer clinicians and dental health professionals a closer look at the many ways AI-enhanced X-ray analysis tools can assist in diagnosing and planning care. Dentists will also learn more about the many exciting capabilities and applications of AI technology as it relates to clinical and business applications like imaging workflows, X-ray annotation, integration with patient charts, data insights from your patient population, and more.

What You Will Learn

  • Introduction to AI, including medical uses of this technology.
  • Data-driven dentistry and AI’s vast potential.
  • How dental AI works, including X-ray data collection, AI learning guided by expert dentist analysts, X-ray annotation, etc.
  • Supercharged capabilities with AI, including detecting disease faster and earlier, improved diagnostic accuracy, instant insights, and increased efficiencies.
  • AI’s impact on patient care, including higher case acceptance rates and treatment value, providing the right care at the right time, and improved outcomes.
  • Exploring the experience from a dentist’s perspective.

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Florian Hillen
Florian Hillen
Founder and CEO of VideaHealth
Adam McDaniel
Adam McDaniel
Director Product Management, Henry Schein One

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