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Bonding Materials

Dental experts explore four key areas of restorative bonding to achieve the best outcomes
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What's Inside?

Successfully bonded restorations require intimate knowledge of tooth surface structure, morphology of bonding agents, clinical applications, etching techniques, primers and esthetic considerations. Mastering these variables in a real-world setting is a life skill that extends well beyond a traditional clinician. And since no two oral cavities are ever the same, protocols for the right approach depend on the needs of the patient, skills of the dentist and a desire to produce the best possible restorative outcome.

In this e-book, BISCO sat down for a detailed discussion with dental experts in four areas of restorative bonding:

  • Bonding to Dentin and Enamel
  • Bonding to Glass Ceramics
  • Bonding to Zirconia/Alumina and Metal (Stainless Steel, Gold or Alloys)
  • Bonding to Composite CAD/CAM Blocks

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BISCO is an ISO 13485 certified manufacturer of medical devices for the dental industry, specializing in adhesive and resin composite technology. Established in 1981, BISCO is an industry leader providing technically innovative aesthetic and restorative products to dental customers in the U.S. and in over 60 countries worldwide.

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